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MegaTen Handbook

This project has been cancelled as the MT wiki has been updated. :) (someone other than me)

The MegaTen Handbook's aim is to act as a guide for players to quickly refer to for accurate information about equipment. It is not a walkthrough. :3

This is a major work-in-progress.

GOAL 1: Accurately record 99.99% of items in ENGLISH. Yes, jwiki has all the info but we need an English version!
GOAL 2: Make pages for less important stuff. (quests, acts?, maybe)

Pages will be unlocked when they are close to completion.

Table of Contents


- 1-Handed Sword
-- 1-Handed Sword; Event, Bags & Fans
- 2-Handed Sword
- Thrusting Sword
- Spear
- Axe
- Primitive Weapon
- Martial Arts

- Handgun
- Shotgun
- Rifle
- Bullets

Credits & Disclaimer


Thank you to our lovely GMs and these awesome people for their cooperation!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Isn't this just a copy of the jwiki?
A. No, I copied bits off Aeria MT wiki too, heh. I used the jwiki as a layout reference and copied the stats, but I also compared the available items with ENG server's tradelist. All the item pictures are self screen-shotted 'cos I'm a perfectionist that demands PNG quality. I hunted down a lot of the item descriptions, and I'm personally inspecting most of them ingame and with the help of our GMs. This isn't just a cheap copy pasta! D:

Q. Why not edit the Aeria MT wiki instead?
A. It's easier to start from fresh instead of fixing the already messy equipment lists, and I like to be in full control. PLUS I get to use a nifty Elephant theme for the Livejournal layout. Besides, someone else is already working on it and I'd hate to interfere.

Q. But some of the gears in ENG server have mistranslations.
A. This is why I use the jwiki to double check that the effects match up.


Apr 3rd
Almost been a month since I last updated. I've been busy with uni classes. :S It's my third and final year! Will try to get started tomorrow on Spears.

Mar 9th
Thrusting Swords finished!
Characteristics of weapons are now labelled. Anything not under [Characteristic] means it's a Basic Feature.

Mar 6th
Found some pics for the Thrusting Swords.

Mar 3rd
Separated Bags/Fans and Event items from 1-handed swords. LJ couldn't handle the super long entry. x.x

- Cherry Blossom Dancing Fans
- Kagura Bells
- Champion's Shaku
- Bouquet Rapier
- Fireworks (Fire/Water/Wind/Thunder God)
- Fireworks (Sparkler)

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